Student working on the Hoop House

New Sustainability Studies Major!
The Sustainability Studies major is a highly interdisciplinary area of study that examines the interrelated dimensions of the environment, society and the economy through various disciplinary lenses.  This degree program prepares students for a world that will require hands-on collaboration and intellectual creativity to solve the global society’s most emerging and persistent issues.

Student in the Hoop House

Local Food Production
An acre of land on the northeastern corner of our Lamoni campus is dedicated to producing local food. It is made up of the Persall Orchard of fruit and nut tree plantings, and a 20' x 80' hoop house/high tunnel with raised beds.  Produce grown in these educational gardens is distributed to the campus food service and other Lamoni residents in need.  Food scraps from our campus kitchens are now being composted.  Check out our annual Food Symposium to learn more about our food-related programming.

Koloni bike share program

The Benefits of Bicycling for All
In 2019, the Graceland University Sustainability Program partnered with the Iowa start up, Koloni, to start a bike share program on the Lamoni campus and in the greater community. Bikes are set up by the campus fitness center and throughout town.  Bike hubs are located at Maid Rite, in the Invinci parking lot, outside the Linden Street Coffeehouse, at the Community of Christ Church, and near the west end of the bike trail. Bikes can be used through the Koloni app on both Android and iOS. Download the app here to get riding in Lamoni today!

Student participating in a controlled land burn

Protecting our Local Resources
Whether it’s leading a prescribed burn or building rain gardens to manage stormwater runoff, we strive to have students participate in activities that help them both understand and protect their local living landscapes.  Co-curricular activities help our students supplement learning with real-world experience. For example, we recently held a Geographic Information Systems workshop on campus to teach our students how to use spatial data for management decisions.

Students attending a sustainability lecture

Student Sustainability Club
The student-led Sustainability Club is open to all students and even community members.  Folks from all backgrounds come together and start pet projects and initiatives that mean the world to them!  Examples of student-led initiatives include beekeeping, reconciliation ecology practices and ultimate frisbee games!  We know how to have fun while appreciating outdoor life in southern Iowa.