Meet Graceland's New Faculty Members

Meet Graceland's New Faculty Members

The Graceland community is expanding this fall with the addition of 20 new faculty members across the Lamoni and Independence campuses and graduate level remote programs. Unless noted otherwise, the new faculty members started on August 1 and have been working hard in anticipation for the fall semester. We look forward to their inspiring contributions this upcoming school year!

Lamoni Campus:

  • Ifelayo Adefuye, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dianna Carmenaty, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Hari Chapagain, Visiting Instructor of Math & Physics
  • Gustavo Costa, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Eric Elliott, Visiting Instructor of History
  • Mark Gardner, Visiting (2-year) Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Meghan Hurley Powell, Visiting Assistant Professor of English
  • Jesse James, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Desti Kannaiah, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Evan Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Frankie Porter, Visiting Instructor of Allied Health
  • Leslie Rossman, Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Patricia Sunia, Assistant Professor of English

Independence Campus:

  • Jeana Wilcox, Clinical Assistant Professor-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 
    (Start Date 09-01-21)

Online Graduate Programs:

  • Robert Davidson, MSNHP Director, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Human Performance
    (Start Date 06-01-21)
  • Leigh Murray, DPT Director, Clinical Professor of Physical Therapy
    (Start Date 08-16-21)

Graduate Assistants - Lamoni Campus:

  • Kailey Boden, Graduate Assistant-Health & Wellness Promotion
  • Drew Sams, Graduate Assistant-Strength & Conditioning