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Graduate Degrees and Majors/Online Programs

Graceland's accredited online programs build on our tradition of educational excellence in the classroom. You will take courses from our esteemed professors and get to know your fellow students just as you would on one of our campuses.

Graceland University is recognized by the Princeton Review as a 2021 Best Regional College in the Midwest. Graceland is a spirited community of higher learning that puts relationships with students first. We offer a quality education to students throughout the country through our accredited online learning program.


School of Business

Students can pursue paths in leadership and administration roles in many industries through Graceland University’s School of Business programs. All of our programs have been developed with the adult learner in mind. From a dedicated program counselor to a flexible schedule to financial aid and payment plans, our programs are designed for the adult student and their unique situations. We also only hire professors with real world experience and who show a caring and committed attitude toward their students.

School of Nursing

Graceland University offers online programs for students at all levels of nursing education and experience. All nursing programs include hands-on clinical experience in students’ local communities. We also understand the needs of the busy, working adult student, which is why we developed our online school for nursing programs to provide the most flexibility possible. In fact, we were one of the pioneers in distance learning. Each student has a program consultant dedicated to their success throughout our program. We also have a faculty advisor ready to counsel students as necessary.

Community of Christ Seminary

The Community of Christ Seminary is solidly grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by its religious heritage and tradition. This tradition understands that God's will and purpose for the world and the church continue to emerge out of the process of faithful response to human need. We affirm that the people of God are called to live in community with all creation, and peace and justice are the touchstones by which the gospel of Jesus Christ is enfleshed.

The mission of the Seminary is to educate and prepare — through prayerful scholarship, teaching, service and mentoring — faithful, creative and discerning leaders for ministries in congregations, church and the world. "[S]eek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning even by study and also by faith." (Doctrine and Covenants, 85:36)